Jin Chi Minh is a playable character, originally scripted by darkkyraki and HellaAric and reworked by drager980, he is a character created to resemble the user GXRE.


Jin Chi Minh has black hair and a suit. His suit has a bright green tie, to match his eyes that glow. He appears to hover constantly.




Name Official Description Damage Cooldown
LMB This is too easy. "Jin Chi Minh shoots his revolver gun infront of him (note: you must be in first person to shoot)" 190 Unknown
RMB Aim "Jin Chi Minh goes into First Person to fire." Unknown Unknown
E Heal "Jin Chi Minh heals himself over time." Unknown Unknown
R Reload -リロード "Jin Chi Minh reloads his gun." None. Unknown
F COLLATERAL SHOT "Jin Chi Minh shoots a bigger bullet in front of him." 190 Unknown



Name Official Description Damage Cooldown
LMB Unknown "When you hold right-click, you enter a sniper mode to enable firing. Does major damage." 190 Unknown
E Unknown "idk." Unknown Unknown
R Unknown "Reloads your ammo. Gives out various taunts." None. Unknown
F Unknown "Fires 3 shots at once. Does major damage." 190 Unknown


  • Jin Chi Minh was originally going to be introduced in the scrapped Empire Arc.
  • In fact, he is the fourth character to be added despite it's scrapping.
  • His soundclips, "This is too easy", "COLLATERAL SHOT!" and "You wanna die? HUH?" are those of Dan Smith from Killer7. The maniacal laugh Jin makes upon pressing Q comes from the enemy "Heaven Smiles" from the same game.