Jacob Ze Drakin is a character, created by the user EvilJacobthehero2013.


Jacob appears as a young adolescent with two different forms. In his normal form, Jacob wears a coat and pants resembling the attire of a dark lord, along with pauldrons of Darkage origin, and a right arm plated in purple armor. His hair in this form is a violet pompadour.

When Jacob enters his Cursed form, his entire outfit shifts dynamically to the theme of a hexer; his skin is pure white, and now dons purple robes. Jacob also now possesses a crown, with a ridge on top and an optic device attached, with bat wings as accessories. His hair is now a long red stream spiked and swept back.


Key Function Damage Cooldown
Normal Cursed
LMB Jacob fires Ztar orbs at the enemy for medium damage. Jacob attacks with his Ztar fists instead Unknown

Normal and Cursed:3 seconds?

Q Enters Cursed Mode to gain a new set of abilities for 25 seconds. No Damage 15 seconds once Cursed mode was used
E Rocket upwards and slam down for medium damage. Jacob rockets upwards to fire off a giant orb at a nearby enemy instead.." Unknown

Normal:10 seconds

Cursed:5 seconds

R Creates a small spike that attacks the nearest enemy even from afar, but does small damage Jacob creates a VERY short cooldown spike blast damaging enemies around him instead. Unknown

Normal:1 seconds

Cursed:0.5 seconds?

F Shoots out a pillar of Ztar energy, lasting 5 seconds and dealing massive damage. Jacob rain Ztar orbs instead. Unknown

Normal:30 seconds?

Cursed:Can be used once in Cursed mode. 


-Increase Jacob's movement speed.

-Increase the size of all of Jacob's (Left-click) attacks.

-Decrease the cooldown of all Jacob's (R) attacks.




Mahiyain Ze Nikard

While Jacob and Mahiyain have not made appearances in the story, it was confirmed by his creator that Mahiyain is Jacob's sister.


  • Jacob is the first character to have two forms. Others include Lucifer Caliber and Avaxus.
  • Jacob haven't made an appearance, but he will have icons of his Normal and Cursed form.
  • There is currently a bug with Jacob's Cursed form at 50/50/50. If you use LMB, you will be teleported outside the map and fall to your death. This is due to a bug.