Ivan is an intern and apart of The Dane Gang. He is based off the player Ivansel Also where the fuck is his gun?


Ivan wears a Blockhead Baseball Cap, an eyepatch with a Red Animal Hoodie, and a red suit. He appears to have fangs.


(Not gonna tell you how to activate this)

When something causes Team Dimensiona to take longer then normal to beat the Dane Gang it allows for their other 2 members Ivan & Avaxus who were running 15 minutes late to still arrive in time to fight the Main 7.

But Ivan is too lazy and decides not to fight.


Key Name Official description Damage Cooldown
LMB "Fires a charged energy ball from Ivan's blood orb. Does major lifesteal." Unknown Unknown
E "Fires an incredibly charged energy blast. large and does major knockback and lifesteal." Unknown Unknown
R "By sacrificing 25% of Ivan's total health, he vanishes into a pool of blood he can control for 10 seconds. Damaging enemies hit by his pool of blood." Unknown Unknown
F "By sacrificing 40% of his total health, Ivan starts speeding up as he stores drastic amounts of energy within his body. Then releasing it for a major damage buff.." Unknown Unknown


-Increase Ivan's maximum health.

-Increase Ivan's base damage.

-Decrease the health cost on Ivan's attacks.


Ivan Brando

"Ivan's" previous model

  • Previously during his release, his character was misused with another model.
  • A similar model to this one was used for another character; This character is Diet Brando, an extremely rare exclusive character that has now been removed.
  • Ivan's full name is Ivan Braddo, according to a decal in drager980's inventory.