SPOILER WARNING: Spoiler details may follow.

Inechi Lovecraft is an Intern. Her creator is inechi.


Inechi is a young girl with pale green skin, thick circular lens glasses and wears a bunny headband and nose. She notably has tentacles as replacements for her arms, and wears a purple suit.


Key Official description Damage Cooldown
LMB Rolls your 20 sided die, the number determines the damage, with higher numbers being better. None Unknown
E "Spawn a ghost to circle around an area and fire bullets at enemies. Damage predetermined by die." Unknown Unknown
R Spawn a Horned Skull to fire at enemies for medium damage. Unknown Unknown
F Spawn a cthulhu head to shoot tentacles at multiple enemies over 8 seconds. Damage predetermined by die. Unknown Unknown


Inechi appears to be modeled after one type of mad scientists found in pop culture, initially appearing as a freak but becoming overly friendly when met in person. Obviously, she is also very smart, as seen with her experiments on humans, one of which was MUTO2014. Inechi’s mentality processes Is abnormal compared to traditional thinking to the point where It is incomprehensible to other people, or deem her as Insane. This reflects on her morality of being a haze user such as being overwhelmingly kind and caring but removing their limbs to replace with robotic attachments; or injecting them with a mysterious fluid without permission, that increases their life span but turns them into a abomination. Because of this most the members of Team Dimensionia tend to keep their distance between her.

Out of loneliness she created Muto and Alan to accompany her.

She seems to have a divine connection to a higher dimensional being.


Xenon Karambit

Inechi is what appears to be a high-priority target for Xenon, due to her experiments at Gaul, her laboratory. She was approached by Xenon, who was originally going to be eliminated there by Zam before the puppet was stopped himself. In Act 36, Inechi slightly patronizes the Alliance for the search for Xenon by claiming that his location was excruciatingly obvious, before turning to MUTO after realizing that the teams couldn't actually find him very well.


MUTO is one of Inechi's experiments, outfitted with many augments, some advanced, some makeshift. After defeating him, Inechi explains that he has a serious anger problem causing him to become destructive when agitated.