Hevari van Dysteria is an intern. He is based off HasTheHero


Hevari is a caucasian male, with brunette hair with a top hat on. He dons a dark brown trench coat, and an alliance suit pants. He also has a scar on his left cheek.


Key Name Official Description Damage Cooldown
LMB "'Hevari swings his sword swiftly to deal medium damage to all enemies hit." 100 Unknown
E "Hevari charges up energy. At critical point, he releases the energy for extremely high damage." 600 Unknown
R "Summons a shadow antler turret. Dealing medium damage to all enemies hit by its shots." 100 Unknown
F "Entering Shadow-Mode, Hevari's movement speed is almost doubled alongside all his sword swings packing a laser shot on top." 100 Unknown


-Increase the damage of Hevari's Laser attack.

-Increase the base damage of Hevari's attacks.

-Decrease all of Hevari's cooldowns.


Hevari hasn't made an appearance yet.


Hevari hasn't made an appearance yet.


  • According to his creator, his last name, "Dysteria" is the name of a castle that the creator and his friend made.