Etaleo Callidum is a playable character in Devil Beater. He was created by the user Aevume and was scripted by darkkyraki.


Etaleo has Wings of Duality . He has a Noob Locator Top Hat and dons a light purple suit which most Stratus users wear, and he holds 3 playing cards.


Key Description Damage Cooldown
LMB Etaleo throws 3 playing cards, with the effect of his E. Varies 2 sec
E Etaleo switches the kind of playing card fired. Red is damage, yellow is a minion, and green is healing. Red - 200

Yellow - 125 + minion dmg

Green -



5 sec
R Etaleo spins in a circle, firing 8 cards of random color. ??? 7 sec
F Etaleo adds a homing effect to his cards for 7 seconds. N/A 30 sec


Etaleo is very untrustworthy. He always has several tricks up his sleeve, and he fights with whoever he pleases, making him rather unpredictable.


  • Increase Etaleo's HP and Damage.
  • Increase the duration of Etaleo's F.
  • Decrease all of Etaleo's cooldown times..


  • Etaleo was originally going to be fighting with El Grumpo Lumpo, but then was switched to the Dane Gang.
    • If Etaleo were to have fought with Grumpo, he would have been summoning minions from the sidelines, and if you had killed one of the minions, it would make Grumpo stronger.
  • At 50/50/50 His Grumpo minions make an "ORA" sound similar to when 50/50/50 grumpo punches.
  • Etaleo's name comes from google translate Latin, with his first name derived from "et aleo" meaning sly, and "callidum" meaning gambler.
  • Etaleo has a 10-year version of himself that is available as a rare tourney prize. (likely going to be bought in in mid-early june if possible)
  • Etaleo's real name is Dominic Marrufo, Dominic being from one of Etaleo's real life friends named Dominic, and Marrufo meaning cunning.
  • According to Etaleo's headcanon, Etaleo has tried to get Xeiron Industries out of its money by gambling with it (which he has succeeded in doing), explaining why they do not have many members.