Estrada is a playable character, created by Inechi.


Estrada Page has black hair resting above the circular glasses he wears on his face. His most distinguishable feature though, other than the piss stained Aether suit is his yellow Pantaloons, and a yellow cape on his back. Estrada bears one of the most recognizable smiles in the game, as the face itself is outright ridiculous and the eyes being the most recognizable of the face itself.


Key Description Damage Cooldown
LMB Does nothing. N/A ???
E Does something really funny. N/A ???
R Does nothing. N/A ???
F Strongest move in the game. 0.0677966102% possibility




Everyone hates him. (Not everyone o3o)


  • Estrada means "Road" in brazilian portuguese.
  • His F is literally the strongest move in the game, an giant AoE nuke capable of one hitting all the bosses in the game combined with orbs that heal ~2-3k at start and able to reach to as high as 50k HP per orb or more, while targeting enemies and dealing about 9k damage, but it probably also intensifies in damage as time goes on.
  • His suit is actually an Aether suit, but it's painted yellow due to urine. (Yes, he took a piss at it, making it yellow)
  • If estrada is 15/15/15 His r will work. (not saying what it does because youll laugh doing it yourself)
  • Estrada has a close resemblance to Jake English from the popular web comic Homestuck due to his yellow pantaloons and similar hairstyle.
  • When he gets his nuke Ave Maria starts playing.
  • the more page there are, the less likely his ability F will hit
  • if you press R, the chance of getting a nuke is lower

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