El Grumpo Lumpo is an former Exclusive character, now a Sky Island character based off of the user Tsuranuita.


El Grumpo wears a standard Haze Suit as well as donning a purple top hat and a purple pair of glasses as well as purple hair.


Moves Name Description Damage Cooldown
Q Taunt Does one of 2 taunts: laughing or some JoJo reference.


Until the taunt ends

LMB Bullet Punch Fire punches at bullet speed, does medium damage and slight heal 150 0.35 seconds
E Twofaro Summon a mini-Rufuro to fight for you! 150 1 second
R KAMIKAZE Create a mini-Noob to fight for you! Self-Destructs on contact with an enemy, dealing high damage 300 1 second
F OH MY GOD WHAT HAPPENED Summon a MEGA-Rufaro to fight for you! Bigger, badder, fatter. :U 450 1 second
T Hate Bubble Play a song about Keemstar getting hate, and create a purple bubble around you. It does lifesteal and knocks back enemies. 50 Until the attack ends


-Increase HP

-Increase base damage

-Increase minion count

Personality (not canon)

Grumpo is a VERY angry person. Usually ending sentences with "GOT IT? HUH?" and starting them with "HEY,LISTEN TO ME IDIOT." or "IM OVER HERE." He usually ignores Rufaro because he thinks its just another one of his minions.


El Grumpo is a scientist working at Xeiron. He is one of the leading scientists in his research division after the passage of Ineur's training. He studies Isotope infusion along with others which is why he is in xeiron.


  • He is one of many characters that are summoners, others being Nieve Traidor, Senbron Zakura, Marcel Fwootman,Kevin Orlando,and Etaleo Callidum
  • Mini-Rufaros are a whole species of creatures, they feast on Mini-Djangos.
  • The name comes from me calling EvilJacobtheHero2013 a grumpy lump. weird way to name a character.
  • He is the first non-isotope member to be added into Xeiron Industries, However. This is incorrect due to Kevin Orlando Being in xeiron industries before Grumpo lumpo, As an Aether element.
  • At 50/50/50 When he punches, he makes an "ORA" sound which is in reference to character Jotaro Kujo from the popular anime and manga series JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.
  • in some language his name transfers to "El Grumpo Crippled" so thats how cripplio grumpo exists.