Egbert Mosasaur is an intern. He is based of the user, nerd_man.


Egbert Mosasaur wears a purple hat and suit. He also has purple hair and appears to have an abnormally small face in his mugshot (in the shop).


Key Name Function Damage Cooldown
LMB Egg pelt [sic] "Egbert throws a magical egg for medium damage." Unknown 0.5 Seconds
E Egg Guard "Egbert releases energy and forms a magical egg shield damaging those inside and increasing his speed." Unknown 26 Seconds
R None "Egbert releases three heal pulses in a row, healing himself dramatically and allies nearby." Unknown 10 Seconds
F Mosasauro Breath ""Mosasauro Breath" lets Egbert inhale slowly and exhale powerful flames like a flamethrower for INSANE damage." Unknown 27.5 Seconds


-Increase 'Mosasauro breath' (F)'s range.

-Decrease 'Egg pelt' (Left-click)'s cooldown.

-Increase 'Egg Guard' (E)'s base damage.


Egbert is best described as an idealist. He is amicable towards all members of the Alliance, and has very strong faith in the power of the two teams, such that he firmly believes Varia will escape their capture on their own. However, Egbert is also rather sensitive, and gets annoyed easily when questioned about some subjects like weight loss.

Egbert also uses egg-related puns whenever possible.




  • Egbert has a diet consisting solely of eggs, which may or may not be raw.