Edgelord is a Devil Beater character by Tsuranuita (formerly known as THE_CITRUS(Formerly Known as SpiritCakes)), scripted by Darkkyraki.


Name Key Description Damage Cooldown
crash LMB Edgelord's stand comes forward to do punches,and fires a projectile afterwards.. 100 0 seconds
Stop,Wait a minute. E Edgelord's stand kicks in front of him,stunning for 3 seconds stuns for 3 seconds 2 seconds
die pls thanks R Edgelord shouts "ZA WARUDO!",then throws a knife. 500 5 seconds
how do i walk sorry mom F Flop around for a few seconds while your stand becomes embarrassed to be around him -100 dignity 10 seconds
Queen - Another One Bites the Dust! X say "bite za dusto" and turn in2 killer queen from a good anime. doubles damage lolololol double it lasts forever,so pretty much until you die


probably some1 = crush

some1 else = dead brother


increase edginess (damage)

get 10 year training (increase LMB damage)

increase. (all stats up)


  • he is edgy.
  • lone wolf my main man named stan in a white van.
  • he has gone through many phases,the first one being he would switch elements,and another being he would ram into the enemy with his antlers.
  • His full name is Divise de la edge salad fortress du se salad Ruse.
  • His X is an Exclusive move.
  • He is currently a limited character.