Keh, Dramatic effect
— Domino replying to Rufaro about the music

Domino is a person who works with Xenon. He is based on the ROBLOX user, ThreeFall.


Domino is an adolescent with a blue snow cap with a dreidel on it. He wears a cyan shirt with a blue jacket over it, and pants. He wears the Blue Awkward Eye-roll face, so his eyes are blue instead of black.


Key Function Damage Cooldown
LMB Domino throws his ice daggers into the air. Slowing any opponent hits. 5 0.25 secs (before thrown)
E Domino throws an ice daggers into the air, when it lands it creates a shockwave. Slowing any opponent hit. 40 1 second
R Dashes towards the nearest enemy if possible, Domino deals medium damage and freezes the target for 2 seconds. 150 5 secs (1 sec if miss)
F Domino releases a barrage of ice daggers upon the opponent for massive damage. 2 (+1 for every 5 points invested) 5 seconds

Moves (Enemy)

When Cielo's group enters the right corridor, Sig notices the regal theme (ASGORE from Undertale, representative of the conflict between a perceived good and perceived wrong action when the latter is the only choice, and thus Domino's leitmotif) playing. Domino suddenly appears, and immediately assaults the group.

  • Throws a constant stream of knives.
  • Tosses a dagger into the air, to create an icy shockwave.

In addition, Domino has the ability to teleport to the nearest player, leaving behind a blue afterimage when he does.


Domino fits into the model of the character who is only working for the enemy out of desperation for profit. Thus, he presents himself as a very hardy character, but shows his childness and weak mind after being interrogated.


Xenon Karambit

Domino is Xenon's right-hand-man, sent to guard the right last corridor in his citadel. However, he is only in on the job for money, as his highest desire is not to serve Xenon, but to get a knife made from Flames of Fate.


- It's unknown what happened to Domino after Xenon was beaten but he propably went off to find a different job to get his FoF knifes

- An idea for Domino by a player called MegaGengarKiller is to give 50/50/50 or 10 yr Domino FoF knives. (also I am Mega.)