Doe Jay is an intern based off the user IlluminadiConfirmed.


Doe Jay bears a heavy resemblance to a Shiba Inu , with exception of having a humanoid stature instead of a dog.


Key Name Official description Damage Cooldown
LMB Duck down to tactically extend your chainsaw beneath enemies for medium damage. 10 Unknown
E Fire four chainsaws in opposing directions, each circling around for a while dealing medium damage to enemies hit. 15 Unknown
R Boost yourself in another location. Very low cooldown. Unknown Unknown
F Big Bang "Big Bang" releases energy from Doe, doing massive damage to enemies hit. 50 Unknown


-Decrease all of Doe's cooldowns.

-Increase Doe's movement speed.

-Increase Doe's base damage.


  • Queue Yuu has always loved animals. Especially cats., he adored them the moment he set his tv eyes on them. His dream, is to one day, become a Cheetah, a very fast animal. So he went looking for any scientists that can help him achieve his dream. One day, He met a scientist that said he could make it happen. So Queue Yuu got experimented on, and slowly over the course of 10 years, he became a dog, or as most people call it, a "Doge" and is now named Doe Jay. Doe Jay rises out of the void with a chainsaw to wreck havoc among DB players. with his R skill, he charges at his enemies and destroy them with a big bang(F).


  • Doe Jay is actually 10 yr Queue Yuu and is currently only obtainable by pros who solo DB hard mode and win without taking 1 damage
  • Doe Jay is now a Limited character, Which is no longer in the shop.
  • Strongest Character in game along with Queue Yuu
  • Damage stacking allows it to do 600000 damage with F.