Db pvp

The game's thumbnail, featuring Imogen Shinji and Doctor Cungly. (Click picture to game (opens new tab))

Devil Brawler (Also known as Devil Beater PVP) is a player-vs-player arena game created by drager980. This game is known for hosting tournaments at certain times and as a basis for Devil Beater. As of November 21, 2016, this game is now available for the Xbox One port.

Tournament Hosts


  • It is known that any new upcoming characters will be tested here before ported into the original.

Tournament Host Exclusives

Some hosts have prizes unique to them. We will put those here.

SoBored12345 - Is able to give away Major Brando.

coltdrum - Is able to give away Bruvio Rotomo

ARiNA_AZUMA - is able to give away the following : Sacareno,SENTiNEL and Senbron Zakura

UncreativeName123 - none (unless you count Rinzaru)

ztothez123 - none

darkkyraki - he can give any character but his own character, Dark Kyraki

MegaSmiley - none

Avaxus - none

SirVenon - none(?)

Ena_Sotelo - none