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The game's thumbnail, featuring Imogen Shinji and Doctor Scrungus. (Click picture to game (opens new tab))

Devil Brawler (Also known as Devil Beater PVP) is a player-vs-player arena game created by drager980. This game is known for hosting tourneys at certain times and as a basis for Devil Beater. As of November 21, 2016, this game is now available for the Xbox One port.

Tourney Hosters

  • UncreativeName123
  • ztothez123
  • MegaSmiley
  • SoBored12345
  • darkkyraki
  • coltdrum
  • SirVenon
  • Avaxus
  • Ena_Sotelo


  • It is known that any new upcoming characters will be tested here before ported into the original.
  • For some odd reason. The host Ena_Sotelo does NOT have the tourney host rank on the official Devil Beater group.

Tourney host exclusives.

some hosts have prizes unique to them. We will put those here.

SoBored12345 - Is able to give away Major Brando.

ColtDrum - Is able to give away Bruvio Rotomo

ARiNA AZUMA - is able to give away the following : Sacareno,SENTiNEL and Senbron Zakura

UncreativeName123 - none (unless you count rinzaru sorta?)

ztothez123 - none

darkkyraki - he can give any character but his own character is Dark Kyraki

MegaSmiley - none

Avaxus - none

SirVenon - (PLANNED) 10 year Etaleo Callidum

Ena_Sotelo - none

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