(not to be rude but this character not only is slightly overpowered (123 dps? that's ridiculous even in PVP DB) but this character isn't even bought, let alone in-game

Deraio Zaw Kongou is a Fan-made Intern who was created by catnoo.

The character is an exclusive character, with catnoo and various other people being able to use her. However, she is not in the game.


She has long brown hair, a fedora , and a scar on her face and a white belted uniform.

first appearance

at chapter 9 world's end arc as 1st boss


Supposedly a former leader of Team Different Dimensions.


cost 0

element : non-element

Strengths :

medium health

normal range


low dps

long cooldown

health : 333

dps :123

speed : 25

level request : 0 (creator and few people)

meeting : Legend of Zelda ocarina of time : Ganondorf battle

battle : DuckLIfe 4 - flying training


LMB : slash fire sword for medium damage

E : (backstabbing) cloaked all body to behind the enemy and stab for massive damage

R : herself cant move for heal nearby player for herself a power

F : (Uber Power start) when used power . you will have a forcefield and move fast 10 sec


slash fire sword for high damage

summon 4 overseer eyes and shooting laser for medium damage

backstab for like one hit (666 damage)


The last part of her name is based off the character's creator's name?: kancolle

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