Oh yeah? You think I won't?
— Dark Kyraki, prior to his fight in Frenzy Mode.

Dark Kyraki is a limited joke character based of the user



Dark has a blue hair, a headset with fox ears in it and an eyepatch. He also has a sinister look to his face. His shirt is the California Rasins commerical in a nutshack, made by LOVE SHACK CLOTHING (Yes, this is a real group).


Key Name Official Description Damage Cooldown
LMB None "fire your rooty tooty point'n shooty" 25 per bullet 5s
E None "trip and fall on your face" N/A ~7s
R None "shoot a big bullet" 225 ~5s
F None "Gaining the power of Rasta Banana, you begin to shoot out goats for a short time." BuffSmall chance of +1-3 damage (?) ~20s
X KING KONG "a car drives behind you and hits you and makes you fly around" one trillion and a half per truck ~2 seconds

Moves (Sky Island Boss)

- Fires his gun for a short amount of time. Does 16 damage per bullet.

-Summons tons of slightly transparent goats that fly up and fall down.

-Shouts "KING CRIMSON", and slows everyone down for a short amount of time, before speeding them back up. Has a minute cooldown.

-Summons 4 to 5 giant waves of bullets. Does 50 damage per bullet.


  • Dark Kyraki's moveset is heavily similar to Rifo's seperate from two to three things: His E summons goats, but rather trips the player, his F shoots out goats, and his R works with his F activated.
  • As of 2/18/17,Dark Kyraki has been replaced with Gecko Oliver. He was re-added later along the addition of Spin Man to the Sky Island Frenzy Mode.
  • Darks e used to trip you but then it got changed to a goat summon that does lifesteal and damage.
  • The song on his X ability is called "King Kong" by Jibbs featuring Chamillionare.
  • His fight is considered to be the hardest,due to his full server hp being 1.7 million.




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