Dan Uncommon is a character in the Devil Beater Shop. He is based off his creator, TheUncommonNoob


Dan appears as a Haze user, with a purple, spiky hair and circular glasses. His skin color is yellow.


WARNING Not official description. [Tournament]He seems more of plague's class more than haze.


Name Official Description Damage Cooldown
LMB Unknown "Dan throws a potion that leaves behind a cloud of haze when it lands." 700(50'd) Unknown
E Unknown "Dan Throws a potion up into the air that sends out multiple clouds of haze when it lands (Probably will change)." 700(50'd) Unknown
R Unknown "Dan use his HP potion recover his health."Not gonna change anytthing, but Dan drinks his explosion causing explosions comming from his torso damaging what ever enemy touches it also buffs your speed and damage for a little while. Dmg buff Unknown
F Unknown "Dan kicks a table that rolls for awhile, anything hit by the table is knocked back. [WIP: Upon impacting an enemy or reaching the end of the roll, the table explodes dealing (Currently Undefined) Damage and kockback.]." Unknown 30 seconds or nearly foever


  • Dan could have a father made by iiKingRobux
  • Dan has been nerfed on the day of his release leaving his owner not able to see all the spamming of his character being spammed 11/26/2017, so Uncommon didn't get to use his own character until right after his nerf. The nerf was all the gas clouds doing 440 dmg instead of 1440 dmg at 0/0/0
  • Uncommon has a 1000/1000/1000 variant of him who basically nukes the whole sever, so it doesnt matter
  • The character was commissioned around a year ago. Probably the longest waiting character.