Dan Uncommon is an upcoming character. He is based off his creator, TheUncommonNoob


Dan appears as a Haze user, with a purple, spiky hair and circular glasses. His skin color is yellow.


WARNING Not official description. [Tournament]


Name Official Description Damage Cooldown
LMB Unknown "Dan throws a potion that leaves behind a cloud of haze when it lands." Unknown Unknown
E Unknown "Dan Throws a potion up into the air that sends out multiple clouds of haze when it lands (Probably will change)." Unknown Unknown
R Unknown "Dan use his HP potion recover his health." Unknown Unknown
F Unknown "Dan flips a table that rolls for awhile, anything hit by the table is knocked back. [WIP: Upon impacting an enemy or reaching the end of the roll, the table explodes dealing (Currently Undefined) Damage and kockback.]." Unknown Unknown


  • Previously, Dan was in the PVP version of the game. He got removed and it's currently unknown if he's either being remade or is permanently removed from both games. Currently, Drager is (or maby he even isnt as far as I know at this point) the only one with access to Dan.

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