Claude Klimt is an Intern. He is based off of the user HolyMadman.


Claude is an adolescent male with purple hair swept to the side with the purple crazy sunglasses. His suit is purple, in accordance to his Haze abilities.


Key Name Official description Damage Cooldown
LMB None Launches sheet music forward for medium damage. Unknown Unknown
E None Claude turns it up to eleven by increasing his damage and speed by 40% for 5 seconds whilst releasing pulse beats. Unknown Unknown
R None Sends out a large wave of medium-damage pulse attacks in consecutive order. Unknown Unknown
F Daring Jules "Daring Jules" - Claude uses his energy to temporarily man a beard, multiplying his damage by massive amounts for 10 seconds. Unknown Unknown


-Increase Claude's total duration on all attacks.

-Increase Claude's 'Daring Jules' (F) duration.

-Increase Claude's 'Daring Jules' (F) cooldown.


No inferences can be made due to how small his in-game appearance was.


Unknown as of now


  • The origin of Claude Klimt's name is more than likely a tribute to two famous painters in art history; The French impressionist painter Claude Monet and the German secession painter Gustav Klimt
  • If you use his F, the music changes to Buckle Your Pants, a song which plays in the ending of the videogame Battleblock Theater