Chi No Senshi is a character based off of Filthy_Sinner, scripted by Darkkyraki and weapon model created by Scroobius.


Chi No Senshi wears a red spiked samurai hat, and a red skull. He has a red martial artist's suit. His eyes are red.







LMB Slice Swings his sword. 100 base damage

10% lifesteal

~0.7 seconds
E Empower Creates a slow pulse for low damage, Permanently increases damage and HP. 75 pulse damage

+5 HP buff

+5% damage buff

19 seconds
R Leech Wave Sacrifice 15% of your max HP to create a huge pulse for high damage. 300% of your LMB damage

5% lifesteal

4 seconds
F Hallow Sacrifices 35% of your max HP to create a large explosion, dealing high AoE DMG. 600 base damage

12% lifesteal per victim

23 seconds (?)
T Parry Taunts your opponent, and parries. The parry lasts for 1 second. If you are hit during this, you deflect the attack and gain a brief forcefield. See LMB 3 seconds
G Shuriken Toss Throws 8 shurikens around you, each one dealing medium damage. Very effective up-close. LMB damage x8 9 seconds
Q Bloody Roundabout Fires thirty orbs sporadically, each one dealing medium damage. Very high DPS. 10% of LMB damage x30 3 seconds
PASSIVE Rage Upon reaching 30% HP, your damage is increased by 20% until you return to 31% HP or higher. Might not be added though. N/A N/A


Chi No Senshi has not made a canon appearance, and therefore has no relationships with official characters.

He's one of Rinzaru's champions.


  • Increases max HP and decreases the cost of your R and F.
  • Increases damage on LMB.
  • Decreases the cooldown of Empower and Increases the damage buffs.


Chi's parry rarely works.

Some times if you spam T, you will get the parry shield without parrying anything.


  • Due to leakers, Chi No Senshi is a Sky island champion.
  • At 50/50/50 and 15/15/15 he gains new moves, as well as his katana gaining new accessories and the blade turning red, and a lot of particles around him.
  • Senshi was originally going to have edgy music playing around him when 50'd. However, this feature was (probably) removed.
    • In fact, he was going to have edgy music playing at 15, then have it change at 50.
  • Chi no Senshi's concept actually had 5 different swords which would change depending on how much Empower stacks you had. The 5th sword, which is now known as the 50/50/50 Chi no senshi sword, also looked different than it's original appearance.
Here's an image.
Stage 5