• Qu240103

    Heya! Welcome to the Devil Beater Wikia. This blog is meant to be an introduction and basic info giving on how we do stuff here. Please adhere to what the examples shown are and if theres any criticism just respond in the comments below.

    Page format is how pages are done which you may notice usually has a set order of how its done.

    The order is mainly -

    1. Small info on who the character is based off of, who made them, and their name.

    2. Appearance of the character. Can be done in huge detail or just a small set of notes.

    3. Moveset of the chararcter. Usually done in a table. List goes in order of LMB E R F and then any other key below that.

    4. Personality of the character. Usually just a small chunk of text with how they act. Usually optional if t…

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  • Eryas07

    devil beater

    July 8, 2018 by Eryas07


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  • Karen.celedestin

    I've been told (on numerous​ occasions) that I'm a vain prick sometimes.... So, er, make fun of me?

    Anyway (i'm typing this with 1 hand ;~;)

    I thought it would be a decent idea to try and walk my dog while on rollerskates.

    To make a long story short

    I broke my arm.

    I'm amazing, aren't I?

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  • Karen.celedestin

    Not gonna say who told me this exists

    but, uh

    What's the purpose of the character Hubchicken?

    It's like Vis, but its only move is its V. Its ball also rolls faster, and its side is green rather than red. The character also has 1200 HP.

    What's it for? just wondering

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  • UltorisTenebrae

    If Ultoris ever became a boss, these are things I'd his fight to have. -2 phases-Unlike Xenon who has 3. 2nd boss to have multiple phases. -1st phase Boss theme is Lightning battle from Kid Icarus: Uprising. -2nd phase theme is Solaris' 2nd theme from Sonic the Hedgehog 2006. Boss details: Before his first phase he greets the players the special 1 liner, "Nothin' personal kiddo, just doing my job." He proceeds to attack the closest player, chasing them down. If they run too far, he will teleport to them, Instakilling the player. Occasionally he will stop in place to fire out doomskulls in all directions around him, similar to HTTP Spica. Defeating his first phase will cause him to start a dialogue. He will exclaim, "Nani?! No matter, excu…

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  • Karen.celedestin


    May 17, 2017 by Karen.celedestin

    ik i've been saying a lot of retarded stuff lately

    my ban's almost over so I'll stop being a tryhard on the wiki soon, k



    I haven't been on the game lately (mainly because I'm temp banned and too lazy to get on my alt), and I've been wondering about recent updates. Have any new acts or features been added lately? I'm fine with spoilers, DB's storyline is a joke e.e

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  • Karen.celedestin

    Anyone else notice that, throughout the story, in certain parts, some people pretty much disappear from the story despite being in the protagonists' party?

    Maurice pretty much disappears after Act 45, making his latest appearance in the Sky Island.

    Mack pretty much disappears after his introduction.

    Everyone in the D-Force except for Kidd never talks, excluding their pre-fight expositions.

    Annencio and Senor Banana's defeat results in them disappearing abruptly.

    Half of Varia's interns (including Alan, Claude, and December) never speak except for that one act...

    Esteban Finlay seems to not exist.

    There are 90 acts planned; we're at 65, and half of the newly-expanded Dane/Nick gang has not shown up yet.

    Spanning from his second fight to the Cartel …

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  • ILoveRobloxDevilBeater


    May 9, 2017 by ILoveRobloxDevilBeater


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  • Karen.celedestin

    What happened to his page? Just wondering..

    In case you don't know what happened, check out his page.

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  • Karen.celedestin

    I'm quite pleased about the new Sky Island thing that hands out even more former exclusives. I'm just wondering about a few things, though.

    Is this event permanent?

    If it IS permanent, does this mean that Senor Banana is technically exclusive/unobtainable/limited?

    Some of these characters (e.g. Lisuke) had the possibility of making a future appearance in the storyline. Does this mean they won't? :U

    10-Year Maurice and 10-Year Venon make/will make an appearance in Rinzaru's Sky Island arena. Could this mean anything about their storyline appearances?

    rip exclusives 2017

    now all the basic smiths will dishonor these formerly-rare characters

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  • Kahi100


    April 24, 2017 by Kahi100

    im trying not to make this dramatic that im surprisingly here in a devil beater wikia

    ok so i wanted to look at the devil beater wikia because i ran out of good quality newspapers that doesnt have any news about terrorism and feminism. 

    devil beater wikia is my veyr reliable news source because it has the finest character releases.

    ok so you may ask why im here. 

    you know i just want to stop by and admire the devil beater community

    its very edgy and it has a rich aroma of salt floating all over the user blogs. i missed out on the big drama things like ferd leaking the kevin secret phrase, some person named kimeron complaining about drager, and stuff with citrus fruits. honestly if you were to search up the word 'rant', you can literally find th…

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  • KimeramonRocks

    yea no

    im not getting stevey in trouble because I exploited

    and none of you have ANY proof that I'm stevey

    so there

    fucking ban this you assholes

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  • KimeramonRocks

    READ THE OTHER ONE I SCREWED UP LOL,_Zam_Thane,_etc._weren%27t_actually_removed.

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  • Pillowman85

    Anyone know what it's called the devil beater font?

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  • KimeramonRocks

    Drager is really pissing me off with his lack of activity for devil beater...

    The four things triggering me about him:

    1. Terrible developer

    lets all face it

    just last year, his group shout was "Exciting new content on the way, planned for next week!" (or something like that lmao). and thus, a new act was born.

    right. ONE new act. and there was about a month of nothing happening before and after that. and since then? only a couple of new acts have some out, and it takes a week or two for him to update the game and add a character that he PROBABLY DIDNT EVEN FKING MAKE. The characters are trash. if you have like four mods/admins and the best they can do is make shit then how hard is it for you to create something of your own?

    2. completely useles…

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  • JokerRose


    April 6, 2017 by JokerRose

    elo :>

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  • Dun Goof

    Goof T. Traveler is constantly warping through time and space through the timelines, until he finds a suitable timeline to drop in. After he finds a timeline, Goof searches for the perfect victim for his notorious pranks. However, Goof does not know this, but he is a destroyer of timelines, leaving defective or obliterated timelines in his wake because of a complex series of events from his pranks ultimately leading to a disaster within a timeline (Butterfly Effect), altering it sometimes almost completely. Goof never sees the destruction in his wake because he is impatient to see the complex series of events and moves on.

    If his daily life didn't make you think he is more dangerous than the Devil itself, wait until you find out about his me…

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  • Rip roboboy

    According to drager in which I have tested myself these characters HAVE BEEN REMOVED FROM BEING PLAYABLE 

    Chapel Coffman, Robo boy, Twig, Zam, RZA, Ztotez123, DIET BRANDO, John Doe, CorruptedHatter

    Today truely is a cold day to be alive

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  • Drag my nuts on your face 980

    Dear everyone on devil beater wiki                                   I've recently gotten triggered due to how people fuck around and act like jackass for example this just happened a few minutes ago SirVenon aka one of the devil beater Admins had the fucking audacity to ask THE_CITRUS to give him divs X after all the hell he's put him threw and when he says no He asks dark to make it a 50 And dark agreed. Venon who gives you the fucking right to edit another persons character and Dark you don't need to take shit from him since he's a popular admin. Its all the creators and what they want, and I know how this seems a little triggered and how venom and the rest of the fucking Dane gang and some Admins will come after me, All I have to say i…

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  • DepressedHappiness

    Honestly,what the actual fuck. Are some of you guys legit hard headed? Don't make a fucking page for your OCs,go to the Fanon wiki. It's there for a reason. It's honestly annoying at this point.

    Just. Stop.

    Edit: Ok so I have a flamewar on my message wall,an account made who assumed my gender and hate on me,and a fucking dead meme called "Meme Dreamer" added into the game. Honestly,just no. Like I'd prefer if the Kachow character from the Fanon was added cause that's decent. But really? Illuminati? Just no.

    Along with that, Arina already had a chat with me. Just chill. (and do the one thing I can't possibly do.)

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  • KimeramonRocks

    I've created a new wiki for character usage strategies, as only confirmed/canon information is allowed on this wiki. If you are reputable, reliable, and good at the game, consider helping out!

    Things I currently need:


    People good at wiki design

    People who are OP in the game

    People with good grammar



    Help me out, please!

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  • Newnathmcawesome

    (this is the last OC i'm posting here)

    Novell de por Monstre is an unofficial character based on the user Calibrius

    Novell stands on all fours to imitate a 4 legged creature, he also wears a purple top hat and has purple hair. (he likes purple)

    Health: 125

    DPS: 125

    Speed: 40

    Cost: Your Soul

    Strenghs: Very Scary, Speed

    Weaknesses: Not Scary, Health, The last OC newnath posts on this wiki

    Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
    Left Click Roar Novell atempts to scare enemys with his super scary me... i mean roar. 125 damage per Meo... Roar 1 second
    E Sneaky Sneaking Novell turns into a puddle for 3 seconds allowing him to be sneaky and surprise enemys.


    +10 speed

    5 seconds
    R Surprise Attack Novell leaps forward, anyone hits will be scared alot. 250 damage…

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  • Newnathmcawesome

    Alex Kleurvolle

    February 25, 2017 by Newnathmcawesome

    Alex Kleurvolle is a character based on the user alexdavid4

    Alex has a black torso, one red arm, one blue arm, one yellow leg and one green leg. He also has the Egg of Destiny on his head which gives him his power.

    Health: 200

    DPS: 125

    Speed: 35

    Cost: 0 (lol)

    Element: Non-Elemental

    Strenghs: Being the top, Being the bottom

    Weaknesses: sUpeR MaRio GalAxY

    Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
    Left Click Throw Up Alex trips way too many balls so he pukes out a ball with a different effect depending on what color he is.

    Red: 100 damage

    Blue: 50 damage +kncokback

    Yellow: 50 damage (projectile)

    25 damage (blast)

    Green: 50 damage

    10 lifesteal

    Rainbow: 200 damage (projectile)

    50 damage (blast)

    20 lifesteal


    0.4 seconds
    E Color Power

    Alex performs a different at…

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  • Doppledoppio

    you might as well post your ocs as actual pages there

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  • Calibrius


    February 21, 2017 by Calibrius

    basik smits r awsum but in realty dey are singul handed folks hoo roowin da wiki. now dis one shall be ur final blow and delete dis blog. I realize sum of teh guyz aren't nice at all but der will be an unexpected threat on dis wiki. nao I shal lead teh lenny army and all of teh basik smits 2 destroy u all and inciner8 dragger for gud. calibrius is already possessd by me, teh entity who sought infection and doom. joster brendoo haz messaged meh 4 dis crap and I dare u. delete this after reading and I will taek evrything from u and ur family and I will find all ur mums and possess keny for the ultimaet wepon. together I will haev my vengeance.


    Shadow Calibrius.

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  • Ainxium

    Blu Kiddo.

    February 20, 2017 by Ainxium

    why u here nibba

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  • 4keny4thegamer


    February 19, 2017 by 4keny4thegamer

    A character based off JamarMario :U

    Jamspac dons a green transparent fedora and a short black ninja headband. He wears dark purple and black shirts and pants. (For whatever reason i cant upload the photo, So yeah rip.)

    HP:257 DPS:123 Speed:16

    Strengths:High Damage,Low Cooldowns.

    Weakness:EXTREMELY Slow,Somewhat melee.

    Jamspac is a very strict? person. Always jumping into assumptions before the person can explain anything. Also tries to be super edgy.

    Jamspac is a haze user.

    Q:Grabs his sword from his back, gaining a 2 second forcefield. One time use.

    LMB:Create a blocking stance for 2 seconds, if you get hit in this period of time you slash infront of you for high damage. Low Cooldown.

    E:Slashes infront of you to shoot a wind shockwave infront of y…

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  • Calibrius

    Brock Calypso

    February 19, 2017 by Calibrius

    'Brock is an adolescent male wearing a starry hood with star antlers on his head, hiding his true face. Adorned also in a black combat suit, Brock also holds the Light of the World, a huge greatsword invented by a weaponsmith who found a rare material called Optimum, a powerful source for Studdton's power generators. It can even take form in a physical way, with that being a metal ingot and the blade he is holding. His trousers also came from the same combat suit he is wearing, alongside a grey pauldron on his left shoulder with a belt slinging to his right.

    Brock was a man with nice auburn hair at his time, but when it was close to Halloween, he decided to suit up as a costume for that night. While he wanders around his suburb begging for …

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  • Calibrius

    He's back...

    February 18, 2017 by Calibrius

    He is back...and -- wait, COOLER THAN EVER?!?! NO! THAT'S NOT POSSIBLE! HE ISN'T THAT COOL!

    This came from an idea from someone calling me Bun Calibrius.

    This character was originally made by someone, but it is remodified to extreme extent by me. (CalCal)

    - Relationship with an OC/Canon char (not cool for me)

    - Edgy as heeeeeeeeeeeeeeck

    - Mistakes. A LOT of them. O_O

    - Bad design or whatever I put in this guy.

    Bum Caliber is an adolescent who wears a blue jacket, with blue slacks and shades that look really stylish. He also has his pitch-blue hair that is combed to the right and also wears a sick headphones with wings on the side.

    (Not going to tell you how I did this story)

    One day, in the beautiful city of Studdton, there was a man... a man who i…

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  • Calibrius

    Something to say...

    February 18, 2017 by Calibrius

    Most of you may not know me very well, but I just want to say...

    I'm sorry for putting up that parody blog post I did earlier. It was a shame to think "Oh, should I mock these guys? welp, here goes nothing..." and start putting up at this instant. I know all of you will go full frontal at me like a cannonball and such, but these "OCs" are not meant to be in the game. I made them because I was a fan of DB and was bored too at the same time. (trust me, i'm not really popular as such, even irl) Even that, I will leave DB as it is, even when I created them, just like you guys created yours.

    And now, to everyone who may or may not be concerned about this, forgive me for putting up that "Parody Universe" stuff I did earlier. It's now in my own pag…

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  • Calibrius

    test plz

    February 18, 2017 by Calibrius

    so ummm how do i do this

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  • TheGentlemaniac

    Yeah, (Yeah) Yeah, we're (Haha) gonna bring it down like this y'all. (Yep yep.)

    I'm gonna let my man PaRappa know (Word.) that chinese rule the world.

    Yeah, yeah, that lil' slippery thing tastes so good all the time.

    Yeah, yeah, that's right. (Aight) 

    It goes a little something like this. Stay with me now, (Yea) here we go. (Like dis, like dis)

    In parenthesis, let me stress the fact clearly.

    No matter what the deal, I crave for this dearly.

    The so-called chinese you find in chinese, are sweeter than chinese, do damage like chinese.

    Without a doubt, I got da flow, comin at ya live, bring the place alive, every single day I jive.

    With the thought, comes my direct actions.

    Ask my followers, they'll say it's an addiction.

    Slurp it, suck it, I know you al…

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  • TheGentlemaniac

    Noodles Can't Be Beat

    February 17, 2017 by TheGentlemaniac

    Yeah, (Yeah) Yeah, we're (Haha) gonna bring it down like this y'all. (Yep yep.)

    I'm gonna let my man PaRappa know (Word.) that noodles rule the world.

    Yeah, yeah, that lil' slippery thing tastes so good all the time.

    Yeah, yeah, that's right. (Aight) 

    It goes a little something like this. Stay with me now, (Yea) here we go. (Like dis, like dis)

    In parenthesis, let me stress the fact clearly.

    No matter what the deal, I crave for this dearly.

    The so-called noodles you find in spaghetti, are sweeter than idols, do damage like machetes.

    Without a doubt, I got da flow, comin at ya live, bring the place alive, every single day I jive.

    With the thought, comes my direct actions.

    Ask my followers, they'll say it's an addiction.

    Slurp it, suck it, I know you a…

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  • Newnathmcawesome

    Monsieur Critique

    February 16, 2017 by Newnathmcawesome

    Monsieur Critique is a character based on the user MegaSmiley

    Monsieur wears an aether suit, top hat and a monacle. He's also an aether element due to his play style and other reasons. :U                                                                                                                                             

    Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
    LMB BOOOO! Monsieur throws a tomato at the enemys lowering their ratings by 2 2% of the enemys health 0.3 seconds
    E JOLLY GOOD SHOW! Monsieur appluads the nearest teammate encouraging them to perform better for 5 seconds x2 damage buff to target 7 seconds
    R Spotlight Monsieur shines a spotlight on the enemys blinding them and causing their rating to lower by 10 10% of enemys health + s…

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  • 4keny4thegamer

    Fuzzlero Elsker

    February 14, 2017 by 4keny4thegamer

    A character brought to you by 4keny4, Based on MegaSmiley

    Fuzzlero dons a tophat as well as red and white shirts. He has a little "hairball" companion which he calls "Fuzzle". His skin color is yellow for an unknown reason.

    HP:234 DPS:75 Speed:32

    Strengths:High HP,Good Support.

    Weaknesses:Low damage.

    Fuzzlero is a very trustworthy person, Helping ANYONE in need. This includes enemies which is why he isnt that useful in missions. :L

    Fuzzlero is a flux user. (Despite his red clothes)

    Q:Summons "Fuzzle" On his shoulder.

    LMB: Fuzzle shoots a laser,dealing low damage to the enemy and healing a small amount of an allys health if hit. Short cooldown.

    E:Creates a short barrier around all allies for 3 seconds,making them take 25% less damage. Medium Cooldow…

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  • 4keny4thegamer

    SO BASICALLY,THis is the same thing as jamars and megasmileys oc thingy going on. Since im bored most of the times and also wanna try to get kinda better at ocs I will do this. WoopWoop.

    Note that it will take me a while to make these ocs as I have a hard time thinking and i need to think of design and such. :U 

    For whatever reason, my mouse just broke out of no where so ocs are getting delayed by some time. :U

    CalCal, BadMurderer27, TV watch, newnath cheese boy,griifith the bloody maniac,KiriGoesRight,Alliazu the unknown roblox player.

    MegaSmiley: Fuzzlero Elsker

    JamarMario: Jamspac

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  • TheGentlemaniac

    Samson Iscariot

    February 12, 2017 by TheGentlemaniac

    im going to do this later. im too tired for this

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  • RifoMan


    Blunny is a white rabbit wearing a police hat and some blue medieval armor.

    He weilds a long carrot and a slingshot. HP : 200

    DPS : 100

    Speed : 20

    Cost : Act Unlock

    He is quite keen and brave, he isn't that dependable though, at every day in the morning, he would go shopping for carrots, he is pretty upbeat about life. He isn't very friendly with people who wear red.

    He was so annoyed about the red farmer folk stealing carrots, so he signed up to be a guard.

    Key Description Damage Cooldown
    L Click Swings his long carrot to deal medium damage. 30-40 DMG 2 second cooldown

    R Click

    Fires a pellet using his slingshot to deal low damage.



    0.1 second cooldown
    E Prepares a heavy swoop for 2 seconds to deal High damage. 60-100 10 second cooldown
    R Ac…

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  • Newnathmcawesome

    Jamar Wulu

    February 11, 2017 by Newnathmcawesome

    Jamar Wulu is a character based on the user JamarMario

    Jamar is an old man who appears to look like a little girl when wearing his wig,

    he also has a beard and is actually bald.

    Health: 150

    DPS: 50

    Speed: 45

    Key Description Damage Cooldown
    LMB Jamar throws his wig which will attach to the first enemy hit and deal minor damage and lifesteal every second until he throws it again. 10 damage and 10 healing per second when attached 0.5 seconds
    E Jamar charges up energy to make his beard longer giving him more health +25 Max Health 10 seconds
    R Jamar's wig will create a hairball dealing low damage and slowing enemys that touch it

    20 damage and 20 healing + slow

    5 seconds
    F Jamar increases the size of his wig and buffs his damage and healing for 10 seconds …

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  • TheGentlemaniac


    February 11, 2017 by TheGentlemaniac




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  • JamarMario

    Jamar Mario

    February 11, 2017 by JamarMario

    Yea so character made by me, idealized by me and i'm going to use trash memes k thanks.

    Like someone who lost his league of legends match, is a rebel and smokes weed, Jamar has a long, blue-ish green hair, a beard and a mustache and dons a blue shirt saying "TTRRRRRRRRPPPPPPPPMMMMMAAAAAAA" and rainbow jeans like some random oder you find anywhere.

    HP: 500 DPS: 321 Speed: 22

    Strenghts: Nuclear damage, Jesus-like HP

    Weaknesses: Bad Quality Memes, CCSaba

    Jamar is overally an annoying and 'edgy' person, always taking things not seriously "because the hell of it" and calls himself a "memer" even tough the use of bad memes.

    Jamar is a MEME (Non-elemental) user.

    Q: Dabs to activate his ability.

    LMB: Trows 2 "ok_hand"s from each hand, for 1000 damage each…

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  • JamarMario

    Hermert Espiralado

    February 10, 2017 by JamarMario

    Hemert is a character brought to you by JamarMario. Credits to spiralknight12 for the nickname and the "make something that would fit another time diver" lol.

    Hemert dons a gray knight helmet, with wings and purple details. He wears a knight suit, with also purple details.

    HP: 200 DPS: 130 Speed: 18 

    Strenghts: Extremely High Damage, High HP, Buffs

    Weaknesses: No escaping.

    Hemert is a very bored person, normally being lazy without a big challenge. When there is one, he just jumps at whatever that is, without thinkina about any consequence that would happen to him or his partners. His biggest trait, however, is his bravery. He nevers gives up on a battle and wont be scared by a giant demon thingy with 3 heads. 

    Hemert is a stratus user.

    Q: Removes…

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  • EtaleoLeTrickster

    Etaleo Callidum

    February 10, 2017 by EtaleoLeTrickster

    what are you doing here ya goof

    go play as this (unfinished) char dankkyraki's testing place

    Etaleo Callidum

    HP: 300

    DPS ??? (i'm too lazy to calculate it lol, especially since this guy has minions)

    Speed: 25

    Cost: 4,000,000

    Lv Required: 70

    His LMB makes him throw 3 cards in quick succession in a straight line, respective to the color of his E. 2 second cooldown.

    His E switches the kind of playing card fired. He releases a pulse to show what color he has switched to. If the pulse is yellow, he will spawn a literal Grumpo Lumpo minion (the actual char, yes this person summons people out of thin air) that will follow the enemy and punch them. When the pulse is green, it can be fired at other allies to heal them for 50 HP.  When the pulse is red, it j…

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  • JamarMario

    Alex Hyun

    February 9, 2017 by JamarMario

    Alex Hyun is a character idealized and made by JamarMario. Credits to AlexiosZ for awesome hats in his inventory that remembered me of Hyun lol.

    Alex has a dark blue hair, with part of it dyed light blue, donning a blue shirt with a black line and common pants. He also wears a party hat, that he also uses as a weapon.

    HP: 250 DPS: 80 Speed: 22

    Strenghts: High damage, high health.

    Weaknesses: Punishing misses, long cooldown.

    Even tough his element, Alex has a sarcastic manner, taking almost nothing serious. However, he displays a strong sence of loyalty and protection to his part(y)ners. (got the joke?) 

    Alex is a Flux user (hence his blue appearence lol).

    Q: Alex grabs the party hat in his head.

    LMB "Party Lazor": Alex points his party hat at enem…

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  • JamarMario

    Sam Gustav

    February 8, 2017 by JamarMario

    Character brought to you by JamarMario. Credits to SamNITO.

    Sam dons common glasses, with a tape in the middle, a magnifer glass, a crimson scarf and a red coat.

    HP: 100 DPS: 30-200 Speed: 18.

    Strenghts: Large damage, high speed.

    Weaknesses: Long ranged fighters, Low HP.

    Sam is in overall a very active and happy person, having large amounts of loyalty and trust. He can be very childish and always take the front in investigations, even if he isnt supposed to.

    Sam is a Helios user. (despite his red clothes).

    Q: Grabs his magnifer glass from his pocket.

    LMB: Sam points his magnifier at enemies, making a 40.01 studs long cone of FOF. It is red in the first 5 studs, dealing 500 dps. Between 6 and 15, it is bright orange, dealing 250 dps. Between 16 and…

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  • Newnathmcawesome

    go to the fanon wiki, i'll be there.

    None :D

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  • JamarMario

    Jamar's OCing business

    February 8, 2017 by JamarMario

    You will say "OH JEMER UR COPYING SMILEY!11!!11"

    So basically, i thought i need to train my OC making ability a bit, so i made this. It's the exact same thing as Mega's things, you just need to tell me your nickname, i will check your profile for shit and i will make an OC out of it. You can give suggestions etc. 

    actually, the different thing is that i'm going to make a character based on ur username.

    Yea that's it. I will put here all the pending requests and the already made ones. 

    ok so due to the extremely large amount of requests, i'm going to take lots of time to make each OC with a DECENT quality. if you're in the final place of the list, sorry, but u will need to wait around 1.5 weeks.

    a big smile, RifoMan, mafia guy with a tommy gun, …

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  • MegaSmiley

    Rachana Ceruza

    February 7, 2017 by MegaSmiley

    Rachana Ceruza is based on the user RainbyAnon

    Rachana wears the standard Haze outfit from Team Dimensiona togherter with purple cat ear headphones.

    Rachana has purple hair put into a ponytail and always carries around her trusty red pencil (not a crayon).

    Rachana is a nice and kind girl however she's extremely obsessed with making her drawings perfect to a point where she will lock herself in her room and barely eat, drink or sleep while drawing the same picture over and over again till it's perfect.

    This obessession for drawing leaves her to be a bit unsocial & shut-in.

    Rachana also becomes extremely mad if her red pencil is taken away for no real reason.

    Rachana was always drawing, carrying around a notebook to doodle in aswell as a red penci…

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  • Daggayer

    Venoro korkoro

    February 6, 2017 by Daggayer

    Venoro Korkoro is based off the character theggyer . {{PlayableCharBox|title = Venoro Korkoro|firstapp = N/A|allegiance = N/A|theme = N/A|element = Haze|cost = N/A|health = 130|damage = im lazy ok|speed = 20|strength = *High Damage

    • Good Buffs

    |weakness = *Low hp

    • Risky

    |image = some shitty db oc.png

    |Key |Function |Damage |Cooldown |- |LMB |Venoro slashes his sword dealing a bit of damage. |80 per hit |0.6 seconds |- |E |Shoots 7 razevenges in a row. |20 damage per razevenge |7s |- |R |Venoro raises his katana to the sun, increasing all stats by 20%, lasts for 4 seconds. |N/A |8s |- |F |Venoro transforms into his dark mode, increasing all stats by 50%, lasts for 20 seconds. |N/A | 30s |}

    Venoro Korkoro is a young male adoscelent who always dreamed …

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  • MegaSmiley

    Kyra Schemer

    February 5, 2017 by MegaSmiley

    Kyra Schemer is based on the user darkkyraki

    Kyra has long light blonde hair and wears the Lunare suit (washington suit) togheter with a navy blue skirt.

    Kyra is a very modest girl when it comes to her male teammates praising them for their hard work and acting like she didn't do much to help out but when it comes to her female teammates she mostly ignores their efforts, taking all of the praise herself.

    Kyra often uses the combination of her beauty & modest nature to get her male teammates to do the hard work for her so she can sit in the back only having to support her allies, not getting her hands dirty.

    Kyra simply showed up one day asking for a place to hide claiming she was a princess from a far away kingdom on the run from evil forces.


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