The gamepass' icon

The Become your own Character 
is a gamepass which the consumer would get their own character when purchased. It costs 15,000 R$ to purchase the gamepass. However, there are two alternate versions that costs 10,000 R$, , one created by HellaAric. As of Febuary 3rd, both are closed,


"[June 1st] Closed

[January 1st] Closed

People still managed to buy 15.

Anywho. Try Aric's or Rufu's gamepasses if you want your character in (in the show more section)




  • Usually, when the user purchases the gamepass, the character will be placed in the Interns section.
  • Originally, the gamepass was 10,000 R$, however, due to the high influx of gamepass buyers, it was increased to 15,000.
  • darkkyraki quit because he was bored.

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