Asriel is an intern. His creator is AsrielMemer.


Asriel is an adolescent human male with spiky brown hair and a green-banded black top hat. He also wears a valkyrie crown. Asriel also wears a blue hoodie with a white undershirt, and jeans.


Key Function Damage Cooldown
LMB Slash and Dash in the mouse direction for medium damage. Unknown Unknown
E Asriel pulls back his sword to wind it up aongside a fireball to deal major damage to enemies hit Unknown Unknown
R Asriel charges a fireball in his left arm for medium damage Unknown Unknown
F Asriel dashes in a direction for 2 seconds Unknown Unknown


-Increase Asriel's maximum and health and healing.

-Increase Asriel's 'Dash'n'Slash' (Left-Click) count.

-Increase Asriel's movement and dash speed.


Asriel has not made an appearance in the storyline yet.


Asriel has not made an appearance in the storyline yet.


  • AsrielMemer himself has the power of 500/500/50 Upgrades. Life is so unfair huh?
  • Asriel's name is a refrence to Undertale, a game by Toby Fox.

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