Arach Vadis is a character scripted by Drager980 based off of the user UncreativeName123.


Arach wears a cap and has violet skin as well as the face of a spider, on top of this she wears a red and purple striped scarf, jeans and a colored jacket.


Key Description Damage Cooldown
LMB Jumps onto and claws the nearest enemy, Does high damage and causes poison which deals 5 damage per second over a period of time. 200 (Base)

50 (Poison Damage Per Second)

E Fires a sludge ball, which does high damage to poisoned targets, 200 ???
R Arach spits out a poisonous venom, which does low damage but causes poison. 50 (Per Projectile)

50 (Poison Damage Per Second)

F Arach coughs blood, deals low self damage.

PASSIVE: if arach reaches below a certain level of hp, Arach will double her health and go invulnerable for 5 seconds.

N/A Instant




  • Increase Arach's maximum health.
  • Increase Arach's(PASSIVE) health alert
  • Increase Arach's Poison Duration.


  • Arach was meant to be male, but Uncreative is putting it down as female due to wording in the F move.
  • At least when upgraded to 15, Arach's hp increase upgrade is actually a downgrade to the F move due to making it harder to activate the passive.