Alinx Tsueon is a character made by TechnomancerZen


Alinx has an Evil Skeptic and purple cat ear headphones. Like December Shui, she has long hair with the top being dyed purple, with the rest being naturally black. She also wears a slightly different Aether suit top. When used in-game, her face is not actually shown as an Evil Skeptic expression.


Key Description Damage Cooldown
LMB Throws ice shards to do medium damage. 120 (12 lifesteal) 3 seconds (after 3 shots)
E Freezes herself into an ice block, doing medium damage and freezing enemies in place for 4 seconds 0 5 seconds
R Summons several ice shards and throws them all at once at a high speed, doing high damage 12 (per shard) 15 seconds (?)
F Punches the ground, creating a large ice sheet that does extreme damage and freezes enemies who are standing in it for 11 seconds 120 51 seconds(about)


  • Count of LMB
  • Increase damage
  • Increase speed


Alinx has not made an appearance in-game, therefore she has no known relationships.


  • Alinx was the original leader of the now cancerous and dead Team Circumstantial.
  • She secretly hates ice, despite using it as her main weapon.
  • Contrary to what it says, Alinx's true HP is 125.
  • She was originally an Aether user. But after the user qu240103 gave some reasons for why she was more of a flux user, she became a flux user.