Alan Batross is a Intern. He Is based off a friend of inechi.


Alan Batross is a panda-like creature who wears a red suit and has a bamboo stalk in his mouth. His brain with what appears to be electrical parts implanted in it is exposed on the top of his head.


Key Function Damage Cooldown
LMB "Alan starts firing his machine gun. Hold down to fire!" Unknown 2.5 Seconds
E "Alan plants a small mine that explodes after a few seconds." Unknown 3 Seconds
R "Alan's machine gun mows down enemies in all directions, forcing him to spin uncontrollably but drastically increasing his bullet strength." Unknown 10 Seconds
F ""Ghoul Fooler" hides all of Alan's body except for his shadow, making him immune to damage for 10 seconds." Unknown 30 Seconds


-Increases Alan's maximum health.

-Increases the range of his 'Storm Rampart' (Left-Click).

-Increases Alan's 'Ghoul Fooler' (F) duration.


Alan cannot speak English. From his short appearance in the dialogue, it is assumed that he can be angered easily.


Inechi Lovecraft

Although it has yet to be stated in the game, it is confirmed that he is also the result of Inechi's experiments.