Act Released Summary Completion requirement Rewards
(-1) Unknown The team enters "hell,"...but Rufaro said it's now a testing site... Defeat the entire D-Force (Previous)

Defeat Maurice Altara (Also previous) 

Defeat Vigor Lewis (Current)

General Keido
12(B) Unknown The team stumble upon Demixeur Rocktune in the sewers and he casually asks for a fight. Defeat Demixeur Rocktune Unlocks Demixeur Rocktune
16 Unknown Ducasse Jonquil and a normal Django find themselves in a different place in which they have to fight Rhine-XLV. Defeat Rhine-XLV Unlocks Rhinechi
36 (B) Unknown Cielo de la Asad and his crew enter another room in inechis lab filled with holographic consoles and a central computer, upon doing so a battle drone is summoned, they just now prove their resolve for awakening her... Defeat Senbron Zakura Unlocks Senbron Zakura