Ace Lilith is a playable intern. He is based off the user WruaxTheCat


Ace is an adolescent male, who has black hair, pale white skin, Demon-lite, Computerized Sniper Goggles and a blue suit. He appears to have a rose held in his mouth.


Key Name Official Description Damage Cooldown
LMB Flash-up! Fire a charged energy blast. Hold to charge, which increases its size and damage Varies
E Create a flash-bang around Ace for medium damage
R Tap into energy stored within Ace, giving him a permanent health and damage buff
F Shield! Create shields around Ace, knocking enemies hit far back alongside medium damage


-Increase Ace's 'Shield!' (F) Damage.

-Decrease Ace's 'Flash-up!' (LMB) Cooldown and charge time.

-Increase Ace's 'Flash-up!' charge cap.


Ace is a highly intelligent intern well-attuned to the defensive properties of Flux. As such, he is well-trained in skills relating to insight, such that he was able to highlight all of KeidoCorp's traps for Varia and the reset of the interns, making his given name well-deserved.

Outside of revealing traps using his insight, Ace does not speak very often aside from making small observations.


Ace has no known personal relationships with other characters.


  • "Lilith" translates to Demon in Hebrew
  • Ace shares the same suit with December Shui in that his suit differs slightly from other Flux users. The most noticeable change is him having a small handkerchief/pocket square tucked messily into his breast pocket.