ARiA is a character based off the user ARiNA_AZUMA and Xeiron_Warehouse.

She is currently in development by HellaAric .




Attacks Name Damage Cooldown
LMB Plail Slam 180 (after 5 uses) 5 seconds
E Explosive Aura 150, 10 lifesteal (per 3 placed) 15 seconds
R Final Barrier 250 (6% healing) 30 seconds
F Star Locker 200 (per projectile) (per 5 stars) 10 seconds
Q Flight 0 N/A
Z Orbital Blast 1225 25 seconds



  • increase ARiA's base HP
  • increase ARiA's base HP once again
  • increase ARiA's base speed


  • ARiA's moveset and weapons were made by Arina_Azuma however the moveset was created by her sister, Xeiron_Warehouse.
  • ARiA is another character that was bought in by someone other than their creator.
  • as of currently all arina chars always have a none caps i (i.e SENT(i)NEL). Arina herself stated its a reference to something but we can't know. (anyone that knows it add it if you want)