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The 50 Skill Point Cap is a gamepass that costs 5,000 R$ to purchase.

There's another gamepass called Upgrade Secret Characters which costs 1,000 R$ to purchase.


This gamepass allows you to upgrade the characters up to the extended 50 Skill Cap. It will extends the upgrade for each character.

Unique Changes

There are unique changes on certain characters when upgraded upon maximum level.

150 Skill Points(totally 750k) required for 50/50/50 character

Character 50/50/50 Changes
Rufaro Hyperius
  • Rufaro now wears a Phantom Mask.
    • This refers to Rufaro's owner, MegaSmiley's Phantom Mask Rufaro joke.
Reggie Pereskia
  • His Projectiles turn into cacti.
  • He gains an additional weapon alongside his nodachi and demon rod: the Ban Hammer.
Nieve Traidor
  • His swords are replaced with 'Cresendos' instead.
  • Her beam color turns into cyan instead of orange.
Jotaro Kanjo
Robert Horst
  • His armor and sword becomes neon orange/yellow.
Solido Naso
  • his R turns from orange to a blood red.
Rufu Ray
  • His katana turns into a beamsword.
Sir Venon (10 Year)
  • Sir Venon gains the ability to play music with his amp, once L-Click is used, the music is disorited for a bit.
Sacareno Surdancalipsi
  • If one upgrades Sacareno to 15/15/15, she gains a shoulder pad on her right arm.
    • During 50/50/50, she gains a pair of large glowing wings as if it was a "wing suit"
Karthus Gehrman
  • Karthus' sword and claws increases in length drastically.
  • A lifesteal aura around himself.
  • Every 5 times he uses left click he shoots a fireball.
  • He becomes a larger and bigger fist.
El Grumpo Lumpo
  • When he punches he makes an "ORA" sound.
Etaleo Callidum
  • His Grumpo minions make an "ORA" sound when they attack.
Dark Kyraki
  • Dark gains a new X move where a car drives right behind him while playing "King Kong" by Jibbs and Chamillionare. (This attack trips anybody who is hit by the car.)
Chapel Coffman
  • He is able to activate his Q, G, and T abilities.
Memer Dreamer
  • Memer gains a new moveset.
Nactis Tinac
  • Gains new attacks.
  • His stand becomes pink
Pimiento Frejoles
  • Pimiento's overheat meter is infinite.
  • ARiA gains an enhanced version of her wing suit
  • this also allows her to use flight and her extra move
Chi No Senshi
  • at 15 gains a single extra move
  • at 50 gains 2 extra moves
  • at 50 gains a flaming aura and a different styles blade
  • edgy music plays when selected (cant hear it due to the april fools duck joke)
Cartoonist DJ Gains various doodles during the upgrading from
Marcel Fwootman Gains +1 max health (I wish I was making this up)


50 Skill Cap

"This is overpowered. I raised to lower the amount of mayhem this causes."

Upgrade Secret Characters

"Unlock the ability to upgrade certain characters which otherwise wouldn't have been upgradable.

this is literally a paywall on something that shouldn't be behind a paywall in the first place. 

i am sin."


  • The gamepass' icon represents a portrait of Rhine-XLV with a Super Saiyan wig, which refers to how "overpowered" the effect goes.